tyler's senior prom 4.23.2011

tyler and ella took pictures at the house before we took them to webb for a reception before they loaded the chartered buses for hollywood. family came over to be here for the special occasion..... my boy looks so handsome!!
the reception pictures.... everyone looks so handsome & beautiful!

the prom after-party at dakota's house.


pre-easter b.b.q. 04.16.2011

my uncle rick and family were down for some r & r at disneyland and came by the house on the way back to utah, so we had a little b.b.q. for them and introduced their family to confetti eggs...

yes, we had confetti everywhere and to this day (06.27.11) there is still confetti in our grass... messy, but sure was fun! (auntie joey can keep easter at her house) =p

kennedy's headshots 04.07.2011

kennedy had here headshots done and i can't believe how grown up she looks! i admire her for not wanting to wear any make-up because she said that's not who she is...
it was so fun being on the sidewalks of l.a. watching her get her pictures done with lighting and all the photog goodies.. then moving in to studio with the fan and bulbs flashing.... so fun!!

house cleaning weekend

my dad and becky came over for 2 days and cleaned our home from top to bottom before our furniture arrived in 3 days.... washed all the walls, scrubbed/squeegeed/scrubbed again the tile downstairs and the floors upstairs... washed all the blinds and windows and all the kitchen cabinets... we cannot say THANK YOU enough... we, of course, helped, but man... my dad kicked major major nasty tile/grout bootie!

then as dad and becky were leaving the second day, family came over to see the house and enjoy the pool...

the first week in our home brought really great memories and much needed family time =D
i love my new home.

g.a.t.e spelling bee 03.29.2011

kennedy loves participating in the g.a.t.e. spelling bee every year. she did great and spelled all her words correctly, but as a team we were eliminated with the first cut... she was upset...

universal studios 03.25.2011

we didn't go on any fancy vacation this year during spring break, but i was able to take a few days off here and there... kennedy wanted to go to universal studios, so she and i went and had a "super" time. we mainly wanted to see king kong 3d which was awesome!!

seussical the musical 03.19.2011

kennedy loves to act and seussical the musical was her 3rd production with a theatre group in claremont. she is now rehearsing for her new production, the wizard of oz, in november.

we bought a house!! 03.24.2011

we (finally) bought a house!!!! it was such a long process (short sale) and months of "just waiting for the signature" that for the last 2 of the 6 months we didn't really speak to the kids about the house because they had gone through the ups and downs in the beginning. tyler never saw the house. he didn't want to love a house that we may never get, so when he toured the house for the first time it was actually HIS home... HIS room... and kennedy was so excited to show him around. we literally went from months of nothing to sign here, wire your money here, here are your keys... all within 4 days!! no other family members knew that we were even looking for a house, so it was fun to call them from the house and have the kids share the good news. my mom and sister came right over....
here's the video of kennedy and tyler...

bucky's birthday 03.13.2011

we went to auntie joey's for a birthday celebration!! we celebrated grandma bucky's birthday and lucy's birthday.... since i am updating my blog months after the actual event (i know, i'm trying to get caught up) i can't remember why my kids aren't there....

reign game 03.12.2011

our realtor gave us reign tickets and tyler was unable to attend, so kennedy was able to invite her good friend tony... they had fun... we love going to reign games!!

new beginnings

New Beginnings is for the upcoming beehives and it's an event teaching the purposes of the Young Women organization. It includes the Personal Progress program and to the Young Women theme, logo, motto, and values. Hillside did a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory theme and they did an amazing job transforming the different rooms into rooms at the chocolate factory and they were all umpa lumpa's and at the end of the journey, the two newcomers also became umpa lumpa's too.... since I didn't get "approval" to show all faces, here is Kennedy and her friend that will be moving up to young women's this year....


u of u

tyler was accepted to the university of utah

tyler's chapel talk

tyler's senior address to the boys school, faculty and invited guests. there was also a song, an introduction from one of his teachers and a reading from a friend, but it was almost 20 mins long, so this is just tyler's talk.

tyler and the guys, who were told to dress "smexy" and with shades.

the girls were told to wear black dresses, some opted to just wear black.


senior portraits

tyler's senior portraits came out really good... i'm glad we decided to do a "jacket" change to capture the elements of webb.



suu & svu

Dear Tyler,

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Southern Utah University for the Fall Semester, 2011.

They personally called Tyler and notified him that he had been admitted to SVU.

cal poly pomona

Dear Tyler,

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Cal Poly Pomona for the Fall 2011 as a(n) Electrical Engr major. Your selection from a pool of thousands of well-qualified applicants recognizes your academic accomplishments. We are pleased that you have chosen our exceptional university, and look forward to welcoming you to our campus community.

byu idaho

Dear Tyler:

Congratulations! We are pleased to offer you admission to Brigham Young University-Idaho. Rich blessings and life-changing opportunities await you here.


webb international night

tyler's president of the latin club and this year the club did a merengue dance... the pictures aren't that clear because i captured them from video...

enjoy the video....


kennedy's talent show 2011

kennedy had a vision, a song, and now a partner... the rest fell into place and last night they did great!!

when you watch the video at the end it goes dark... the kids costumes then glowed, but you can't see in on the video.


auntie elaine's 50th

uncle ruben had a 50th birthday celebration for my aunt elaine. it was beautiful and we had a lot of fun eating and dancing! kennedy took a little while to warm up on the dance floor, then we couldn't get her off!



daniel started football last week... tyler & trinidad are part of the coaching team. pads start next week, can't wait!


a chorus line

we went to see a chorus line on saturday and loved it!! then trinidad took us to these crazy streets in l.a. that are soooo steep. i couldn't handle it, so i had him pull over and made kennedy get in the front. she got a lot of joy out of my fear...

tyler left for china

friday night tyler left for china for 2 weeks.. he went with a group of kids and a faculty member from his school. last time he went to china, i (along with a lot of other family members) was with him, so this time it was a little heart wrenching, but i know he's in good hands.


kennedy's 11th birthday

kennedy invited 3 friends to go to universal studios for the day and we had her birthday lunch at saddle ranch restaurant. the food was sooo good and everyone had a great time. thank you to all the family and friends that drove so far to share this day with her. we love you and are so grateful for you!! Enjoy the pictures!!


happy mother's day

had a wonderful mother's day weekend. started saturday with dinner at benihana's (except the chef was hitting the saki before he came out, which made it a little interesting). sunday before church i got presents and love from my family.... poems, cards, art... ahhhh, loved it! still had to take kennedy to l.a. for her class and after, when it's normally nap time for me, she comes in and has me looking through their baby photo albums. needless to say, i didn't get my normal nap, but it was nice (and a little sad) seeing my babies.... i hope you all had a wonderful mother's day~


happy earth day!

be good to it... it's the only one we have.


webb days 2010

so glad that tyler is making the best of his high school years at webb!


happy new year 2010

we had a wonderful disney new year's weekend. we wish you health and prosperity in the new year!

enjoy pictures of our celebration....